Juniors Summer

Summer Training

VTXC’s junior summer training program is a great way to stay fit and focused through the summer months. We help you build the base necessary for a successful fall cross-country running and summer mountain running season. Training is focused on building a lifelong passion for endurance sports! 

Training:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and some additional training days/make up practices will be offered on weekends or weekday afternoons. Training is 1.5 – 2.5 hours in duration depending on intensity, weather and energy levels of athletes.

  • Tuesdays (Stowe)- Usually a SkyRun on Mt Mansfield. Specific running interval training including steady-state running intervals in hilly mountain terrain
  • Wednesdays (Harwood)-Speed play, strength and games. Core, agility, balance and everything fun on foot!                                                                                                                                    
  •    Thursdays (Waitsfield Area)- SkyRun on Sugarbush or gravel grinder on one of the many great backroads the area has to offer.


– There will also be some weekend events that we will attend as a club

June 30th/July 1st- Whiteface Skyraces. VK and distance run.

July 8th– Mad Marathon- Contact JK regarding relay teams.

July 14th– FTK4U (Fastest known time for you) Camel’s Hump from Monroe Trail

When: Practices are on Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday at 8:30am. Friday is typically our rain date if a practice has to be canceled for severe weather. We also plan to attend some weekend events. The first practice is scheduled for Tuesday June 19th (pending snow days. We may need to start a week later.) Final practice will be on Thursday, July 26th. Regular Harwood xc practice will commence in the middle of August.

Where: Training locations revolve between Mt Mansfield (from Stowe),  Harwood and Waitsfield area. Training locations will be posted weekly.  *Be sure that Ryan has all relevant email addresses so that he can send weekly training locations,schedules and modes. He can be reached at vtxcrun@gmail.com

Training updates will be posted on  VTXC Facebook group page so make sure join vtxc group page. 

Coaches: Ryan and John (coach) Kerrigan will be the full time coaches. Some HU Alumni will also be on the scene!

Transportation: Coach Kerrigan picked up a slick new six passenger van last year and is able to transport some days. We will also depend on parents and older athletes who are willing to drive for transport. Please let me know if you are able to volunteer your vehicle and your time. Drivers should expect a little cash, cider donuts or bagels in exchange for rides!

Fee:  $225 for duration of the summer. Checks can be mailed to

PO Box 73, Ripton, Vermont 05766.

 or sent through Venmo. Please provide payment before June 1st.

Please realize that this club and its programs  would not be possible without carging fees. That said, if payment is a problem come talk to us.

John Kerrigan

Thanks for the support!


Checks can be mailed to: VTXC, PO Box 73 Ripton, VT, 05766

For day-to-day training info join the VTXC group on Facebook.


Q: If I’m not a competitive runner is this program still for me? 

A: Absolutely! We have many athletes who join the summer program to get in shape for other sports. While some sessions are focused on meeting the training needs for fall cross country, other sessions are simply geared toward general fitness and fun!

Q: Is it okay that I’m missing some practices for summer vacation?

A: Yes, we expect everyone will take a summer trip. That’s why we meet for the duration of the summer. Athletes will still be expected to train if they cannot make practice and we can communicate over email.

Q: If I’m missing part of the season can I have a discount?

A: We will still need to staff every session whether or not every athlete will be at every session so there are no discounts. Athletes will still be expected to train if they cannot make practice and we can communicate over email.

More questions? Email us!