Juniors Fall & Winter

IMG_1425For the 2016-17 season VTXC  offers one program for junior skiers that runs from November through mid-March. We start with dryland and transition to skiing as soon as snow permits. This program includes race support. Please read on for more details and email us if you have any questions!


Dryland Training November until we can ski (typically mid-December)

Training: A mix of rollerskiing, ski bounding, grass skiing and running incorporating intervals, plyometrics, flexibility, core and general strength. On rollerskis we focus on technique, arm strength and balance. Dryland will continue through mid-December (or until we can ski).

When: We will meet Wednesday at 3:30pm and Sunday at 3:00pm. A third day of training on Saturday can be added if athletes’ schedules permit.

Where: Most practices on skis or on foot will be at the Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center. For roller skiing we will most likely meet at the Stowe Recreation Path or Nebraska Valley rd.  For day-to-day training info join the VTXC group on Facebook.


Ski Training (typically starts mid-December) through mid-March

Training: This program augments regular high school training by providing more focused training specific to ski racing. Goals are to improve technique, educate athletes about successful training methods, health, and ski preparations, and further fuel a lifelong passion for nordic ski racing.

We alternate between classic and skate depending on snow conditions and upcoming race technique. Training incorporates a mix of technique work, intervals, strength and balance. Coaches also provide weekly training plans and can tailor to individual athlete needs. The goal is to improve fitness and efficiency on skis (and have a great time skiing!)

Race Support: Support will be available at the Eastern Cups at Craftsbury (January 17-18) and at Rikert (January 28-29). Coaches provide performance glide and kick wax support as well as day of race support. We will also attend any Eastern Cups that are moved to a closer location such as Trapps or Craftsbury if snow conditions warrant.

When: Training is on Wednesdays and Sundays at 3:30 at Trapp Family Lodge. If there is a high school race conflict, training will be moved to Tuesday. We’ll also add a Saturday practice if schedules permit. For day-to-day training info join the VTXC group on Facebook. First practice is scheduled for Wednesday November 9th. We will not meet the weekend of November 19-20 because of the Ski Swap at Trapps.

Transporation: Harwood athletes can catch a ride with coach Kerrigan from Harwood High School at the end of the day most training days. Communicate with him directly to make sure you have a spot.

Team Clothing: Though members will still race with their regular high school teams its fun to look like a team at club practice and events. Club captains will be provided with a discount card from Swix and pick a fun club piece that all can enjoy.


Program Cost: The program fee is $150. No other membership fees required. Athletes only need a pass to Trapp Family Lodge. The cost of a season ski pass is $50 and can be purchased at the Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center.

Coaches: Ryan Kerrigan and John Kerrigan the full-time coaches. There are also some drop in guest appearances from other VTXC Race Team members.

To join this program or for more information please email us or sign up now!

For day-to-day training info join the VTXC group on Facebook.