Masters Fall/Winter

MastersFall350Fall and Winter Ski Training 16-17


Training: Training includes technique work, speed and endurance, strength, agility and flexibility. All training will be outdoors and on skis unless no snow. We will try to alternate between classic and skate skiing weekly but technique will ultimately be decided by snow conditions. Racers and non-racers are welcome in the program. The focus of our training is to improve fitness and efficiency on skis, and further fuel a lifelong passion and understanding of skiing.


  •  Thursday afternoons at 3:30pm. Later in the winter when day-light allows we can push practice start time to 4.   Practices are about an hour and a half in duration. The first practice is scheduled for  Thursday November 3rd. Final practice is tentatively scheduled for March 2nd but will go later if conditions remain.

Where: Dryland and on-snow practices will be held at the Trapp Family Lodge.  If there is skiing in the notch but not at Trapps we will meet there. If practice needs to be moved we will notify everyone by email so make sure you are on the list!


Coaches: Ryan Kerrigan  will be the full-time coach.

Program Fee: $150. No other membership needed. Only a season or full time pass to Trapp Family Lodge. Season/year-round passes can be purchased at the The Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center.

Drop-ins welcome- come try it out! First time is free. $25 for each additional visit after that.

Private lessons are also available: Work with a VTXC coach privately to improve technique, construct and oversee an interval workout or build a training plan for that personal best! Sessions are about 1.5 hours in duration.

Also- look for any special guess appearances from former or current world cup athletes and wax clinics!

To join this program or for more information email us.